The NuGenesis Guide to Summer Nails

The Latest Nail Colors & Designs for 2022


Summer is the season of celebration: With long days, endless nights, and balmy weather, summer inspires us to dress up and live life to the fullest.


Along with this spirit of carpe diem comes the desire to try bold, fresh new manicure colors and designs. From fruit-inspired shades and patterns to glowing glitter, kaleidoscopic swirls, and more, Summer 2022 promises to be an exciting time for nail arts. Start exploring the trends now with these five vivid, creative nail dip powders from NuGenesis. 


The Top 5 Summer Gel Nails Colors & Designs for Summer 2022


   1. Candy Apple

Express your feminine side with Candy Apple, a flirty, sparkly shade that dazzles like pink lemonade in the sun. Candy Apple’s mellow, sophisticated rose hue is accented by a kick of glitters, for a look that’s equally fun and grown-up. 


Design tip: Watermelon Nails


Few things epitomize summer more than the crunchy, sweet, refreshing taste of watermelon. In 2022, watermelon nails – and other fruit-inspired designs – are expected to make a big splash in summer fashion as people seek nail arts that stand out from the crowd.


Get the look by adding a Sunflower yellow crescent along your nail beds, followed by a few dots of Now That’s Black to emulate watermelon seeds. 


   2. With Envy

Neon is the signature shade of late nights, great times, and even better stories. With Envy combines one of 2022’s top manicure trends – bold, quirky green nails – with the power of neon for an electric punch no one can ignore. If your fashion sense loves living on the edge, this is the dip powder color for you. 


Design tip: French Manicure With a Neon Twist


If solid green nails aren’t your thing – or you’re looking to put a unique spin on the green nail trend – consider trying a swirl-tipped French manicure. For this look, leave most of the nails nude while adding bright swirls of With Envy, Wild Thing, and Lemon Lime along the tips. This pattern creates nails that are wild and eye-catching, without being so bright that they overpower the rest of your look. 


   3. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a warm, multi-layered pale coral shade that dances on the line between pink and orange. Both soft and energizing, Finding Nemo invokes the vibrant, dynamic life that thrives below the sea, creating feelings of playful optimism. Coral hues flatter warmer skin tones and provide a great summertime alternative to red.


Design Tip: Citrus Grove


Matte orange and yellow hues like Finding Nemo and Sunflower work perfectly for one of 2022’s breakout nail art trends: Citrus nails. Alternate nails painted with a solid coat of soft pastel yellow (Mellow Yellow) or orange (Gold Dust) with nude nails accented with citrus designs.


Paint the citrus fruit using a bolder shade like Finding Nemo or Sunflower, then use their pastel counterparts to add the details. Grab a green shade like Watermelon for the leaves, and you’ll have a set of truly Instagram-worthy nails.


   4. Summer Sky

Nothing says big dreams, lofty ambitions, and total freedom like an open blue sky. If you’re hoping summer 2022 will take your life to new heights, manifest your desires with Summer Sky, an elegant, classic shade of light blue.


Especially well-suited to darker skin tones, Summer Sky can be worn anywhere your summer takes you, from days at the beach to weekends with friends and office lunches. 


Design Tip: Floating Clouds


Capture the imagery of a vivid summer sky even better by adding a few puffy Snow White clouds to each nail. Cloud-pattern nails are the ideal complement to white t-shirts and blue denim, making them a summer must-have. 


   5. Born to Sparkle

Nothing catches the summer moonlight quite like a glitter manicure. Born to Sparkle, a mesmerizing twilight blue-lilac shade, adds a cool note of sophistication to the glitter nail trend. Pair this hue with a sleek gray dress for a look that’s both subtle and eye-catching, then dance the night away.


Design Tip: Shimmering Stars


Unleash your inner celebrity by painting a few shimmering silver stars onto each nail, using our Starbright dip powder. To ensure your stars have clean edges, use a star stencil to get this look. Alternatively, you can use nail decal stars with our dip powder kits.


Why Choose NuGenesis Dip Powder Kits For Your Summer Manicure?


Summer puts extra demands on our nails because we’re more active during this season and spend more time outdoors. To ensure your manicure stays intact, it’s crucial to choose materials – like our dip powders – that are durable enough to handle exposure to sun, water, and sand.


Unlike gel nails, Nugenesis dip powders are designed to last three to four weeks, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining your manicure while you’re busy having fun.

And the best part? All of our dip powders are made from 100% organic, nontoxic vegan ingredients – and they’re cruelty-free. Our vitamin-enriched formulas won’t harm your nails or the planet and they’re easy to apply and remove at home.


Check out the full list of benefits associated with using our natural dip powders, then order your first dip powder starter kits today.

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